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277 S. 4th St.
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Memphis, TN
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This Week's Activities - Sunday, September 21, 2014

 9/21 Sunday

·       Name Tag Sunday - please wear name tags

·       Sunday by Sunday Adult Bible Study and Faith Sharing, Center, 9:45am

·       Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Atria, 9:45am

·       Soup on Sunday, Center, 1:00am

 9/23 Tuesday

·       Mass, Chapel, 5:15pm

 9/24 Wednesday

·       Sunday Gospel Reflection, Library, 7:30am

·       Mass, Chapel, 5:15pm

·       RCIA, Library, 6:30pm

 9/25 Thursday

·       Sunday by Sunday Bible Study and Faith Sharing, Caritas Village, Binghampton, 10:30am

·       Mass, Chapel, 5:15pm 9/26 Friday

·       Mass, Chapel, 5:15pm

 9/27 Saturday

·       Young Adult BBQ, Chas & Tessa’s, 4:30pm

 9/28 Next Sunday

·       More Than a Meal, Center, 1:00am  Please bring desserts


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From the Pastor

From The Holy Father

(Instead of From the Pastor)  First of Two Weeks

Catholic means universal. A complete and clear definition is given us by one of the Fathers of the Church, Saint Cyril of

Jerusalem, when he states: “Without a doubt, the Church is said to be Catholic, that is, universal, because of the fact that she is spread everywhere from one end to the other of the earth; and because universally and without defection she teaches all the truths that must come to the knowledge of men, be it in regard to heavenly or earthly things” (18th Catechesis, 23).


A clear sign of the Church’s catholicity is that she speaks in all languages. And this is nothing other than the effect of Pentecost (cf. Acts 2:1-13). It is the Holy Spirit, in fact, who has enabled the Apostles and the entire Church to resonate with all, to the ends of the earth, the Good News of salvation and of the love of God. The Church was born Catholic, “symphonic” from her origins, and cannot but be Catholic, pointing to evangelization and the encounter with all. The Word of God today is read in all languages, everyone has the Gospel in their own language to read. And I say again: it’s always good to take with you a small Gospel, to have in your pocket or purse and read a passage during the day. This is good for us. The Gospel has spread in all languages because the Church, the proclamation of Jesus Christ the Redeemer, is in all the world. And for this reason we say the Church is Catholic because it is universal.


St. Patick's Parish Misssion StatementSt. Patick's Parish Misssion Statement

The Mission of St. Patrick’s Catholic Community is to proclaim and to live the Gospel message of unconditional love, healing and reconciliation through prayer, celebration and action on behalf of justice as a sign of hope for all God’s people.

“…Jesus also sent his apostles and disciples on a mission – to preach the Gospel, the good news that Jesus was and is the Messiah. Just like Jesus they preached the coming of the kingdom. In that way the disciples and apostles gathered people into a new family, a family that we know today as the Church.”

Living Our Catholicism . . . That Our Joy May Be Complete by Bishop J. Terry Steib, SVD (page 20)


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St. Patrick's Catholic Church was founded in 1866 in the location it stands today, at the corner of Fourth and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue (formerly Linden Ave.)

Here we hope that you'll find a variety of information about our church: Mass times, information on St. Patrick School, Ministries, joining our Church, etc. 

For parishioners of the church, you are encouraged to register on the site so that you can access information specific to news, people, and events in the church.  Click the Register link above to submit your request.

Thanks for visiting, we hope you come visit us for Mass.

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